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Windsor Hills Resort - Sunrise Villa Disney Princess Bedroom

Sunrise Villa Disney Princess Themed Bedroom

Disney Princess Themed Bedroom

Are your girls ready to have the ultimate princess experience in our deluxe Disney Princess bedroom? Watch their eyes light up when they first see this truly magical room we have put together for them. We started by drenching the room in pinks and purples that are sure to delight every little girl. Next we added the official Disney Princess furniture collection featuring two adult sized twin beds and a lovely dresser, a heart shaped mirror, pink curtains and the official Disney Princess ceiling fan. From there we decorated the room with abundant princess decorations and two life size princess wall decorations. Your girls will be enthralled by the detail we have put into this room. This room is truly fit for your princesses! The mattresses are soft to ensure your princess a royal night’s sleep and the bedding will be fresh and clean when you arrive.

A 22-inch HDTV 1080p flat screen TV is wall mounted and has standard cable included. A V-Smile game console with games is provided, and your girls can watch movies thanks to the pink DVD player that is also provided. This bedroom is serviced by the hall bathroom and is within earshot of the two upstairs adult bedrooms.

Imagine the royal dreams your little ones will have as they fall asleep surrounded by all of the Disney magic in this exclusive bedroom. No detail has been left out. For the little ones, bed rails can be found in the closet for your use, and the room can easily also accommodate adult guests.

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Disney Princess Bedroom


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